Aini ya Aini is commited to innovation and quality being, undoubtedly, a model for other events in our country. Bringing new concepts and creating a new style year by year, we are proud to have been a source of inspiration for many other festivals.

Thanks to all the students, teachers and all those, involved in one way or another, who have helped to make Aini ya Aini what it is today. Thanks for following us, supporting us and giving us strength to continue working, innovating and growing. We expect to continue deserving all the support and love that we receive from you.

An unforgettable edition!

At this point, our festival has become one of the most established events in our country, so for many of you it’s a date in your diary that you are waiting for all year long and … obviously that is seen in all the moments we spent together all festival goers.

Make click on our video and you just have to see the faces of happiness of all of us!

Dancers from all over the world like Mexico, the USA, Hungary, Japan, London, Russia … and of course from all corners of our country, lived magical moments, witnessed amazing performances, master classes and above all shared a piece of their souls in each of their performances both in the competition and galas.

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The most international edition so far, we saw the Aini Ya Aini becoming a true meeting point for hundreds of dancers around the world, on our stage we had performers coming from Egypt, Ukraine, Chile, Brazil, South Korea, Hungary, Peru, Poland …

On the other hand, always with the intention of offering great opportunities and working as a platform to promote and disseminate dancing, our competition evolved and underwent a slight modification. To satisfy the most demanding dancers, the Aini Master category was born; for those participants who already have experience in international competitions and seek a higher degree in competing.

Finally, the Closing Gala was also born. A special show held on Sunday that was a turning point in the history of our festival: a new opportunity to get together, celebrate this art that links us and enjoy performers from all over the world.

Aini ya Aini 2014

It represents a return to the roots of the festival and Egyptian dancers filled our poster again.

One more time, it is an honor for us the participation of Raqia Hassan, especially by the huge enthusiasm of the  festival students, because for years Aini Ya Aini has been the only place in Spain where Mme Raqia has shared her knowledge and experience.

Although we always regret there are people who stay out, in the street, without enjoying the galas, we feel very proud to see that our effort is rewarded by the attendance of hundreds of dancers which every year encourage us to continue working.

Aini ya Aini 2013

After the smash hit the first edition of the Cairo Show Party achieved with the performances of an Egyptian singer and a tanoura, we have again the participation of a dervish dancer who wowed spectators and students.

This year’s bill stands out because of the diversity of nationalities and the prizes of the competition, which consist of great dance opportunities abroad and training grants.

Aini ya Aini 2012

Aini ya Aini continues growing  and at the Rosadela’s Oriental Dance School is created the “Cairo Show Party” concept. Dinner and show, in the purest Egyptian style, that comes to support local talent and provide a space full of opportunities, bringing together in a party dancers across the country.

The Cairo Show Party marked a “before” and “after” in the concept of galas we had in Spain at that moment. It has become the most imitated model so far, which makes us feel very proud.

Aini ya Aini 2011

This year represents a quantum leap for the festival. Rosadela takes a risk placing the Aini Ya Aini as a unique event in Spain: following the great Egyptian festivals, Aini ya Aini moves to a hotel and becomes a model imitated throughout our country. Galas, workshops, competitions and bazaars together in one place with exceptional artists.

Aini ya Aini 2009

After getting a foothold in the national scene, Rosadela, decides to bring those who have been her teachers in Egypt and creates an event in which her students could learn from artists from different countries. Rosadela’s Oriental Dance School team grows and, that’s why, the event gathers several teachers of different styles with much to teach to Valencian dancers.

With Raqia Hassan and Zaza Hassan headlining, in its first edition, Aini ya Aini emerges as one of the strongest festivals in our country. In its debut, it already has bazaars, competition, a large number of workshops and a gala with the performances of several guest artists.

Oriental Night 2008

Even without the name in mind, we can think of this event as the forerunner of what eventually would become our festival. Rosadela, after the success of the Aeini A-Leek event decides to organize workshops and a show with the renowned Argentine dancer Amir Thaleb and the school’s professional group, Ballet Yamuna.

After the huge success, both in workshops and in the show, and the clear need to inspire her students with the knowledge of those who were also her teachers, Rosadela decides to go further and create the following year, the first Aini ya Aini festival.

Aeini A-leek 2007

First major event organized by Rosadela’s Oriental Dance School in Valencia in 2007.

Aini A-Leek was the staging of one of the most important projects of the great percussion master Khamis Khenkesh, who Rosadela has had the pleasure of working with on her many trips to Egypt. In the presentation of the eponymous CD, Rosadela teams with Sabri Taghian and other great guest artists.

The tour goes through different cities of the Spanish geography and it is our teacher the one who brings the event to Valencia and who also goes to other parts of our country with Sabri and other artists.